Talks with Brazilian artist João Thurnher

We went to sunny Barcelona to interview photographer & art director João Thurnher who's been based in the cosmopolitan Catalan capital for the last 5 years and this is what we got:

"João, tell us about how this quarantine has affected your work and mindset?"

The world has been going too fast and just like Jack Johnson said in one of his songs I think we need to SLOW DOWN EVERYONE, WE'RE MOVING TOO FAST.

I definitely believe that it is always a good option to have some free time for ourselves, rethink about what we've been working on & find our inner self that might have gotten lost or forgotten...

Personally, I've been using this time to work on my debut photo book Erotikka, which is a compilation of imagery taken in the span of five years - both analog & digital. All my travels & stories broken down into a personal album that will make you want to go outdoors.

The book has been designed with the intent of associating summer, luxury & feminine beauty - some of my favourite things in life hehe.

The book can be found here.



"What are your thoughts on fashion?"

I love fashion! Although I do think there are many things that need to be reevaluated... We're living a dystopia in the year of 2020, can you imagine that?

I strongly believe that sustainable fashion & circular economy are key. Whether you're dressing for self-expression, function, comfort or pure aesthetics it is important to find pieces that you are proud to wear - FUCK YES, I'm talking about sustainable, ethical clothing!!!



"Now that you are almost done with your debut photo book tell us about your next steps!"

I'm a music aficionado myself so I've been working closely with the local music scene of Barcelona, I don't want to say much now but there are definitely great things on the way...

I've also been DJing at some parties, I'll leave you guys the link to a mixtape I made at a friend's studio - it's a handpicked selection so feel free to listen & share it. 

Also, there's a social project I've been working on that goes about giving a voice to the people that go unheard such as street-sellers, refugees - in general people with fewer opportunities - WE WANT TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S MIND & MAKE SOCIAL INCLUSION A TOPIC IN OUR SOCIETY!

The initiative has been started with some dear friends of mine, if you'd like to know more we've been running an instagram - Voices of Barcelona 

Ohhh & I'm planning the launch of Erotikka together with a grand celebration so keep posted!

Thanks João!



Photos: João Thurnher

Models: Rocio Perez Suarez, Ieva Jasaite

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