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Kaste Bag Cranberry

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KASTE is a timelessly stylish and practical bag for everyday use. It is spacious in size and carries all your most important items. The shoulder bag is made from recycled seat belts that were saved from the wrecking yard. They make a pretty distinctive bag, don't they? The leather shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable and can be replaced with a wider seat belt. The bag is closed with a sturdy metal zipper and it has a small open pocket inside.


This bag is made of recycled seat belts, that were saved from car dismantler. The sides are surplus leather and there is a surplus polyester lining inside. New parts include metal zipper and other metal parts.


  • Material is sorted and cleaned in Finland
  • Sewn together in Finland
  • Size: 22 x 15 x 4 cm, shoulder strap length 86-155 cm
  • Color: cranberry


Leather is a natural material that sometimes comes with varying colors and uneven surfaces. Genuine leather might leave some color when it gets wet. Leather might stretch if you pack your bag too full or load it with heavy items.

Treat your new leather bag with a protector spray that prevents dirt and moisture from soaking into the leather. Moisturize your bag with leather conditioner regularly.

Handle your leather bag with clean hands. If there are greasy stains, wipe the surface with a cotton cloth. Avoid using too much water. Apply a cleaner especially made for leather or soft soap, such as ecological Marseille-soap.

In case your bag gets wet, let it dry away from the sun and then apply moisturizing conditioner. Never rub moist leather, since it might damage its surface.

Stuff your unused bag with bubble wrap or other soft filler to restore and hold its shape. You can store the bag in a natural-fabric bag or inside a cotton pillowcase.

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